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Monday, September 24, 2012

Mason Jar Mummy

Here is a fun little Halloween project that is very easy to create.  
Materials Needed:

Mason Jar
Bandage Roll
Hot Glue
Googly Eyes
 I found the bandage roll at Walmart for a couple dollars.  It was a little too wide so I ended up cutting it in half.  
 I started at the top of the jar and hot glued the bandage around the inside rim.  I suggest if you use a real tea light candle to NOT put the bandage on the inside.  I always use the battery operated candles.  
The next step is to keep twisting the bandage around the jar and adding dabs of hot glue to hold the bandage on.  Keep doing this until you reach the bottom, then hot glue the end of the bandage under the jar.  The last step is to glue two cute little googly eyes on.
Here's the little mummy all lit up for Halloween

 Isn't he adorable!

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