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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My Laundry Area

Thought I'd share this awesome icicle photo I took over the weekend.  It was hanging off of our garage after our big snow storm we had last week.

 I've been working on my laundry area over the winter.  It is down in our dreary, dark, dungeon of a basement.  I figured it could use a bit of color down there.  So I chose two colors to work with: Lime Green and Magenta.  There were these boards bolted to the walls to start with, so I got to painting them first.  I put up a shelf and a paper towel holder on the largest board above the washer.
For the laundry sign I found an old weathered barn board.  I printed the letters out on cardstock, cut them out, and traced around them. Then I painted them in on the board with, yep you guessed it, ivory colored paint.
Rustic Laundry Sign
Below is the other wall next to the washer.  My dad has some kind of air hose system hooked up on these two larger boards.  I painted the two boards and hung a laundry sign above.  I strung a mini clothesline on the pipe to hang my mismatched socks.

Laundry Decor
Hook painted with Crackle Effect Paint
 The below photo is of a stand I have next to the washer.  I'm planning on painting that over the summer to match the rest of the area.  And the basket I found at Fleet Farm(so cute I couldn't pass it up).

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