Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Cardboard Box Made Into Cute Storage

This was a fun little project.  I've been seeing these storage boxes made out of simple cardboard boxes on Pinterest.  So I decided to try it out for myself.  I found some cute gray polka-dot fabric at a local thrift store.  And I had some pretty purple ribbon on hand to go with it.  
 The supplies I used:  a simple cardboard box, fabric, ribbon, scissors, hot glue gun, and a tape measure.  First I measured and cut four rectangle pieces, one for each side of the box.

 The next step was to hot glue the fabric onto the box.  I started by gluing the bottom edges then flipped the box over to glue the top.   I only put the fabric about two inches into the inside of the box because the box is going to be filled with stuff anyway.  No need to waste fabric.  
 Then I hot glued ribbon on each corner of the box and also ran the ribbon along the rim.
Start gluing the top ribbon at one corner of the box
 I think it turned out pretty good for my first try. 

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