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Monday, February 27, 2012

Birch Wood Crafts

Next to our house we have woods with a lot of Birch trees.  Last summer some loggers came and took most of the larger trees down, it was so sad to see.  They even cut down some of the smaller trees and just left them lay on the ground.   So in the fall, I went out and collected some Birch bark and some of the smaller trees to use for some of my crafts.  The below photo is of two Birch bark photo frames.  First I took some frames I bought at a thrift store then hot glued the birch bark on.  The photos are some of my own that I took of flowers in my yard.  Sorry about the flash :~)
Birch Bark Photo Frames
 These candle holders I made for my table centerpiece during Christmas.  First I cut three different lengths of Birch wood.  Then I used a drill press to make holes in the tops. The tops are also painted white with acrylic craft paint.  And the snowflakes were done with a wood burning tool.
Birch Candle Holders

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